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Live Feed Updates Saturday 3/16/13

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Emett is literally promising Gary everything. He says he will let Gary know everything.  blahblah

Gary says Topaz is cool to hang but will stab you in the back (This is the same girl that saved you last week  :lol3:)

Gary talks about Vince Carter and the NFL

good go for a bit.

Thanks BBCA for listening to the people!

Emett says everything is coming from Liza and she has to go.

Hi  :hello2:  just a fast drive by before I go to bed it looks like Gary is now HOH not sure why or how?
Gary is talking about putting up Liza and Tom and sending Liza home and it looks like the house has his back
Topaz is in the HOH pushing for Tom and Liza to go on the block. All other house guest are in bed sleeping
I have been working nights so I have not been able to help with updates but ill try to be here when I can to help
good job all up daters  :hearts:

Gary is taking a shower and Topaz went down to change so she can sleep in the HOH with Gary cos he dose not want to be alone
OK night all time for me to go to bed its 4:30 am here


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