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Talla Andrew and AJ are having a cig.. Aj whats wrong Talla i see tears in your eyes

 Talla Liza  and I talked.. and the the truth just comes out.. and I  know it;s a game..  you can say certain things.. and you get caught in the heat of the moment.. and  she knows and she's defeated and i feel bad for he and i think she would do things differently  and i know that people in here are going to be lying to you and when you leave you are going to see things.. but when things like this happen that's when it sinks in.. and go out with class..

AJ yeah..

 Tallla and you jsut dont want to be the one that oleies to yoru face.. and I said to her that i can't keep her and lie to her face..

AJ that's good of you and smart..

 Talla you listen to your gut but your gut can deceive you.

 Aj  that is wise.. and you are in a good spot.. and we both think you are someone we can have on our side..

AJ just know that Liza is a very mature and good person.. and she will be your friend outside this house.. i can read people i do this for a living

Talla the 21st is the first day we all came into this house  :crybabe: 

Talla why am i crying.. :lol:

 AJ  cuz you are a good person  and you were never on the radar

AJ you are going to be fine.. look there are 3 of us here right now.. 2 of us  are going to lose

group hug.. and they walk back inside the house

Gary is up in the HOH

Alec.. Emmett is not your target next week

gary worst case if you go up  you have votes 

Thanks everyone lets lock this down and move on over to a new day!! :waves:  http://forum.realityfanforum.com/index.php/topic,28605.msg854160.html#msg854160


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