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Live Feed Updates Saturday 3/16/13

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Just in case!

Liza might be in trouble. Emett is literally throwing her under the bus by saying she is being fake when she speaks to Gary.

Emeett asks Gary who is loyal to? And Gary says no one.

Gary says he only trusted for Danielle.

Gary says if Liza goes Tom will go nuts

Alec is apparently coming after Emeett? Or I misheard.

Gary says why does Liza vote for the other side always

Gary asks Emett why Tom took him of the block

Emett says it will be a clean sweep against Liza. That is what happened the last 2 weeks and look what happened.  :lol3:

Emeett says they should backdoor Liza. He says only TOm will vote to keep Liza.

Liza hates Topaz according to Emett

Emmett and Gary appear to be setting a final 3 at least, and what happens after that is up to the final HOH.

Emmett says Liza tells them one thing, and goes and tells other something else.  She is shooting herself in the foot.

Gary says that he needs Emmett and if 'she' is coming after Em, that doesnt' do him any good

Gary asks who to put up Liza against. he doesn't want to put emett up.

Gary says Tom should go up. But he is concerned about final 2 because he wants to play a honest game. He says Tom is looking good now. Emett says of Tom wins pov he is done (Gary). Gary says if Liza goes up then Emett will take the heat (emett says this).

LOOL Jillian interrupts 

Gary just said bitch 12 times in 23 seconds -_________-

Gary says a lot of the girls are going home so why not eliminate a guy. He says - sue all the girls are good at endurance lol

Gayr says she is menopausal and forgot the redneck shit LMFAO!  :lol3:


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