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Tom to Liza in bed.. I want to put up Gary and Topaz and then  tel gary that he has to trust me and I have to break them up.

 Liza the girls are dropping like flies

 Tom I told Kat that i would get Suzette out for her.. but I ahv eto get out Gary and Toapz out for you..

Tom and I hear Jillian out there laughing and I  want to say yeah it's all fun and games till someoen you like is on the block and leaving..

 Tom i'm going to go after Topaz hard.. Alec tried to come to me and say that  topaz likes me..

 Liza..  they did go after Gary hard.. but he's not going after them

 Tom Peter said tht th was pushing for Talla and Aj to go up.. but peter said that Alec knew..  so it was Topaz and emmett.. and  that was his mom  mentioned gary in there..

 Liza I told you it was all  code.. BB should screen that

 Tom he siad that  he didnt read the whole  letter

 Tom and I dont think Jillian had any idea

 Tom you kow the biggest mistake is they are leaving one pissed off mofo in this house... this one stud..  oil rigger firefighter 25 years ol.

 Tom you can hear them out there.. i wnat to go out there and tell them to  STFU.. theya re all losers. none of them are trust worthy.. respectable.. my friends are  at home shaking thier heds..

 Tom and Emmett  with all his morals..

Liza I knew that was code.. he got 2 pages..

 Tom I got 5 paragraph..

Liza why did i get tangled with you when you have a bromance with him

 Liza tells  Tom that she was the one vote to get  Emmett out

 Tom it's ok.. you stuck to your guns

Tom Emmett came to me and said i told you  she was coming after me.. and Im like so what man..  :dance: :dance: :dance:  Wash rinse repeat :badhorse:

Outback Talla Suzette Andrew Peter Aj Topaaz and Alec are  playing charades.. and now have moved onto  "what has something that someoen you know done to surprise you"


Andrews legs are jacked up!!

BB HouseGuest we all have to do a battery Change.. Andrew please go to the DR

Gary is outside with them now

Gary brought on the hush hush cuz he was talking about a show that has soft porn and he became too descriptive :lol3:

Im heading off for the night!! :waves:


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