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Live Feed Updates Sunday 3/17/13

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Canada's Power Veto Saved Suzette

Tom named Aneal as the replacement nominee

Aneal and AJ were up for Eviction

Aneal was evicted 8-2

Emmett won HOH The Bee's Knee's

Next Thursday is a Live Double Eviction

**NOTE** Big Brother has shut down the feeds due to all the complaints that they have received about Emmett cheating on the HOH comp

Friday was a scheduled Have Not comp and Nominations

This information will be posted once we get the feeds back some time on Sunday  @2am EST

This Thread will be locked until the feeds come back

But please feel free to join us in the discussion thread to vent about it  here► http://forum.realityfanforum.com/index.php/topic,28533.msg854053.html#msg854053

**UPDATE** The feeds came back late Friday night and a NEW HOH was played out

Emmett,  due to cheating, was  not only de-thrown but disqualified from participating in the new HOH

GARY is the new HOH

Have Nots  are Alex Andrew Jillian Emmett  and Talla

***UPDATE** Liza and Tom have been nominated and are on the block

POV  players Topaz Alec Peter and Suzette with HOH Gary, and Noms Toms and Liza

 Alec won POV

Alec is up in HOH and tells Gary that you don't even have to talk to me.. you just have to talk to Topaz.. and they  wont connect the dots.. people in here forget fast

Gary people only think that i have sue..  and we can bring  her in a little bit..

Gary Suzette thinks there is a guys alliance cuz all the guys wore purple..

Alec she thinks there is alot going on  but  there isnt'

Gary we have to  work on gettting Emmett out next

 peter yeah but you ahve to work on this right now

 Gary I ahve Suzette.. and jillian loves suzettte

 peter I think Jillian is getting closer to me .. like im her aneal

 Alec.. how bout you giving us talla..

 Alec what i was thinking if our 1/2 wins HOH we put up anyone but you and talla.. and then if your side wins  you dont put up me and peter up

 gary yeah  i  want to keep talla cuz we can have a smoke break.. and she givs me so much information.

 Alec me and Topaz will be  the conduit for you guys for information

 Alec  then we get Liza out now..

 gary yeah  if you put up Talla as a pawn.. she will not talk to us..  if she is sitting next to liza

 gary yeah and then next week we get out  Tom

 Alec i feell that topaz should ahve been her for this meeting..  and we should name the alliance..

 Gary how bout FOURG aka 4g

Alec I dont think they will every put us together

 Peter and Alec leave HOH

Liza and Tom in the bedroom..

 out back Suzette Andrew AJ Talla Alec Topaz   and feeds get cut off  and back

Talla says she has been peeing out yellow and pooping out green!

Liza and Tom jedi training on dates

General chatter out back talking about where they would want to travel out back..

Gary comes into the bedroom

 Tom and Liza are cleaning things up making their bed he asked her Tuck or untucked :lol3:

Peter is in teh room and Tom tells him I think this sucks that you guys didnt come and tell me i was going on the block

 Peter I pushed for  AJ

 Talk stops cuz gary walks back in

 peter  Gary said the he wanted to put up Jillian and Emmett and I said no and then i said AJ and he said no then Liza and Tom.. I didn't know

Tom there should have been respect if we are doing this Quatro thing but if i win im putting up Topaz and Alec.. and if we are going to do this threat's not a good way to build up trust..

Tom yes Liza would have went after Topaz and Emmett.. but we would have controlled it..

Tom Im going to say to Alec pick your alliance or start winning competitions

Tom If gary wanted to up emmett then put him up.. why go and put up Liza.. cuz she is talking game.. so what..  put up  someoen up.. and for what Emmett and alec to pull the reins cuz they felt threaten.  it's supposed to be us..

 Tom  youa re a smart man.. Emmett has been running every HOH.. I wanted dot put up Andrew not Aneal.. but he wanted  him out.. and now he is up there talking to gary..  he's supposed to be  one of us

 Liza walks in..   they head to the Sr to grab mic pack batteries.. I had a good chat with peter..

Tom I have to go pee..   so he leaves the BR door open.. and then doesn't wash his hands when he was done :ew:


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