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Live Feed Updates Friday 3/15/13

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Tom if we are going to do this QUATRO thing Alec and Peter need to step things up.. I was ready to throw up Topaz

Jillian busts up the guys pow wow Jillian you left me down there I can't  taste anything im a have not..

They all head down

AJ and Andrew are having a cig

 AJ if he backdoors you.. I will pull any lie out of my :ass:

Andrew thanks buddy

 AJ it's wrong if he does it..

AJ we have 5 votes anytime

Tom outback poolside

 Tom all the Aneal fans now hate me

 AJ dont worry about it Tom

Topaz we dont know how they are showing us.. you might be shown as the villain..

Alec it's weird that we can't talk about her nationality but she went off on you

 Tom yeah

Alec is all his stuff is gone

 Tom yeah they might have packed it up or when they had us out here they  had him  pack it up

Topaz and in his letter about the cursing.. we all have to watch it

 Tom  he held back some in the letter

Topaz yeah i can tell

Tom be very careful how you are and who you are with.. be careful with her around

Alec You can't help it if you are in the pool or hot tub and she is there and wants to come in though

 Topaz I feel like Emmett's letter had a lot of hidden things..

 Tom I had 3 paragraphs and he had 2 pages


Suzette I wasn't game talking.. I jsut apologized to everyone and  I ws only asking for votes..

 gary and just think you could have went out dirty

 Suzette Thank you Canada I luv you right now.. who would have ever thought it's a blessing

 Suzette to Gary .. lets be cool.. they are game talking over there. and you know what made me upset is that Peter was so mad and  was  saying this isn't fair.. 

 Gary peter is going to make a big move..

Suzette Liza is so mad she is like why didnt he put up a strong  player..  and the girls are banning together.. but I gott a be cool.. They see what's up..

Liza and Jillian cleaning up after dinner


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