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Live Feed Updates Friday 3/15/13

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Canada's Power Veto Saved Suzette

Tom named Aneal as the replacement nominee

Aneal and AJ were up for Eviction

Aneal was evicted 8-2

Emmett won HOH The Bee's Knee's

Next Thursday is a Live Double Eviction

Talla says they are not a bunch of hooligans :lol3:

tons of convo's going on at once :iok:

 Suzette is calling out Andrew for the cooking task he made..

 Emmett is making more pasta

 Tom  to Jillian I want you and Emmett  to enjoy your room but call me up to have a little chat with out.. you kow who

Jillian yeap

 Tom I dont know if Liza had something on the side  with Aneal cuz she was upset

Tom does  Emmett need help moving his stuff up there

Tom it's sweet that you are a have this week

Emmett i hope they let me play in the have not  comp

 Tom no you will host

 Tom it's nice to have a big family and get that letter my family is all split up..

 Tom maybe we need to  talk about Andrew some

 Emmett yeah


Tom im staying away from all tht party stuff. I got fat.. they hooked you up man.. that's cool oh and thye gave yo the same body wash i had.. that's cool

Tom I wonder what you got for music.. you  like country music

 Emmett yeah

 Tom yeha i figured you were one of those clowns

Tom that was funny with that letter watch your mouth and the hanky panky

 Tom there is nothing wring with what we are doing'

Emmett it's just like motivation

Emmett it's weird knowing tht my Dad and grand dad are watching this

 Tom yeah Im worried about that too my family see's that im a hot head in here

 Emmett well they know it's a game right

 Emmett and I left some stuff out..

 Tom yeah good I was worried bout them saying the alliance "QUATRO"



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