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Foreshadowing in Survivor

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Grant in Survivor: RI said something about blindsiding Natalie... And then he gets blindsided himself, same went with Andrea if I recall correctly

Micronesia - TC where Jason was voted out:
Jeff gets to the vote and told Erik with his immunity necklace "unless you want to do something crazy, give to somebody else" and Erik replied "I'm not crazy I think I'm gonna keep it"...some Tribal Councils later, Erik handed his necklace to Natalie and Parvati declared in her voting station "you're crazy!"

Reilly Queens:
F8 All Stars TC: Shii Ann "I'm a good player and I'm not gonna go down without a fight"
Next episode Shii Ann wins Immunity.

Survivor Philippines Russell talks about Matsing making the biggest comeback ever. Malcolm and Denise make the final 4 and Denise actually wins.

Glamazon Racer:
Usually if it shows one tribe struggling with a challenge in the next week's preview, they actually win it... especially on one season (I think it was South Pacific). :lol:


Abi-Maria: (to Skupin) You're an idiot! You're a moron! You're gonna give one of these two people a million dollars!



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