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Foreshadowing in Survivor

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Anything James said in Palau never actually happened :lol3:

Survivor: One World, Ep 5, Alicia says about the men giving away immunity: "They just handed us a million dollars"

In the Survivor: Palau intro, the only contestant's picture that wasn't a close up was Janu's, and she was the only person to quit from that season.

During Ozzy's free agent spiel:

Ozzy: There's another side of this game which you guys are forgetting about and that's called redemption.

Keith: Well if you wanna go there just let us know man.

Reilly Queens:
Season 19
"I'm the worst one here!  They should be getting rid of me on the first day!" - Russell

Flash Forward to Season 22
Russell is the first person voted out of Zapatera.


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