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Foreshadowing in Survivor

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IE the Survivor imitation of bwils' thread.

So far the one I've noticed is that it only showed Bikal's reactions to the Reward in the recent episode, and they won immunity.

There's been hinting of a Brandon rage, just with all the confessionals of him talking about lighting the camp on fire and pissing in the food.

Also, Matt says that 'It'll take a miracle to turn this tribe around' and then Gota 'wins' Immunity.

A memorable foreshadowing (i'm guessing this thread is about prior seasons as well) is that early on in Pearl Islands, Jonny Fairplay guarantees that Sandra is not going to win. And Sandra of course, won. Also, this could not have been edited but maybe it was a sign from above lol, when Lill was voted out, since the wind was so hard, her flame did not go out, thus Jeff had to try again. Four episodes later, Lill was voted back in as part of the outcasts twist

I remember a specific quote that foreshadowed the Brandon rage was "I wanna go out with a bang"


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