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New poll up!

Amy verbally helping Nicole during the instrument assembly is okay and part of the race, but physicallly showing her which piece goes where should be prohibited starting from next season.

As for bug-eyed Nicole trying to cheat off of Leo's angklung, I found that "disgusting" as she wore the orthodox parent role at the beginning of the race and then broke her own words in Indonesia. That act was just SO teenagish and arrogant. It's one thing to U-Turn a team for lying, but it's another to try and copy off the TEAM YOU U-TURNED BY CHOICE.

So I just read this, if a mod think it shouldn't be posted, by all means delete my post.

I checked the episode again, and the clue was never shown past the question, so we really don't have a way to verify this, Nicole&Travis should've been penalized at the pitstop, not for getting help from another team, not for getting in a different car, but because Nicole didn't follow the rules of the roadblock.

That's interesting... Time for a TAR what if question when the season ends.


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