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James & Abba did 'lose' the money. I mean, taking reverse with the point that Twinnies shouldn't have taken the money because it resulted to James & Abba having to beg in a poverty-stricken area, James & Abba should have realized that they needed to grip more tightly on their money than usual because they were in an economically poor country.

It's time to bring back the ethics thread!

I know the cab driver took out Jamy's bags and it's not against race rules for Timarie to take their cab in that circumstance.

BUT, Tim and Marie could have done a bunny and chose to find their own cab. At the same time, it's Timarie... so it's not really surprising.

So, what do you think? Would you have taken the cab... or would you have done a Nicky and Kim and find your own cab?

Discuss away!

Tim and Mare did take the cab knowingly so in my books it's a no-no and I am surprised that they didn't get a penalty.

The question here I'm more puzzled with is... why did the cab driver take out their bags? :O

I think Tim and Marie took the risk of making it by their own. In this circumstance, I understand there was not a major benefit. If it was a final leg, with the million right there, it would be another thing. So, I think it's not bad done.

If I see a taxi without bags INSIDE, whhy do I have to go to search for another one? I am in a race, yeah, and Timarie had already had some trouble with taxi finding prior in the leg. I would've done it if necessary.


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