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--- Quote from: Declive on March 23, 2013, 12:15:27 PM ---It was wrong and made them BEG in a poor country.

--- End quote ---
Yes, it was wrong but the begging done by James and Abba in Bangladesh was one of the most positive experiences they had on AR21 as I remember it happening. You would think that in such a poor country it would have been morally wrong idea to beg from the locals, but many locals seemed to enjoy being part of the process (and maybe the possibility of getting on American television helped them). They were certainly generous and I believe James and Abba got more money than they lost.

Oh please. They only got the money because they were in their bags and being followed by a camera crew. If they were just normal people walking on the streets , i DOUBT people would give out the money just like that. Let's just think for a moment : Do you think those people would give out the money if YOU were there , without your staff and just walking normally? I don't really think so.

Not trying to be ofensive here , but let's think for a moment.

Best Loser:
Begging for money for a chance to win a million dollars should never happen, especially when it's in countries with a high level of poverty. What the Twins/Trey & Lexie did was perfectly fine by the rules but extremely wrong morally.

^^agree. But yes, people DO spontaneously do give $$$ out to racers!!

Both parties were at fault. The money didn't belong to them period.


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