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Every season or once in a while, we have an ethical issue that arises that has everyone discussing or debating about.

So, why not just do a vote and see what the majority of the people feel or think?

Just a simple YES or NO answer will simply tell what most people feel. And if you have voted, why not post your comments on the latest poll?

So of course, the very first poll will be on the most current TAR episode ->
Do you approve of what Connor had done?

Here's my piece of thought. I voted Yes because you should do anything to try to get ahead, and Connor noticed that Pam/Winnie had not covered up her surfboard and took advantage of a quick opportunity to finish the challenge faster than he could have. Almost everyone else hid the logo on their board, but she did not do so immediately.

I think it's a dick move, but it's also a case of "do what you have to". The race is very stressful, and a competetive person will use any advantage he can. Winne could have done a better job to hide it.

I just say: if dave and Connor are up to these things to get in first, do not sell me the image of an ill team, the cancer story or the broken achilles.

Duh. It was a good move.


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