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Live Feeds Updates Thursday 3/14/13

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Tom, Emett, Jillian AJ all discussing the vote to save Suzette in the kitchen. Surprise Jillian is cooking lol

Alec Topaz and Gary as well are in the kitchen.

Aj imitating and Indian accent. Andrew says a billion indians should have voted for Aj lol

Tom says he is scared for the game now.

Suzette Liza and Talla at the hammock on feeds 2 Liza is ticked off that Tom didn't  make his own decision

 Suzette what like he could have taken out a strong player?

Liza yeah it wouldn't have been any campaigning

Suzette the guys are allowed to hang out togetehr.. but if they see us talking and hanging together they come right out

 Suzette last night Jillian was at the Hot Tub and Emmet snatched her up and said c'mon it's time for bed

 Talla we should do that all hang out and see

 Suzette I dont have feeling s for anyone in the house but I see what is going on

 Suzette the people that are mad that I am here are the ones that are so disappointing.. they were saying  it's not fair

 Liza who said it

 Suzette peter and Alec..

Suzette I have mad respect for Tom and Emmett cuz they have been straight up honest.. but its the others that  aren't

 talla you think you have a better chance with the guys and mixing it up

 Suzette and I was like what's up with that.. im right here..

Suzette as soon as I was taking off the block.. the girls were like how many people do you have on twitter and on FB and Im just like i have family..

 Liza can we just be over with today..

 They all get up and head inside fake laughing

Feeds 1 and 3 are focused on Tom and Emett.

Suzette heads inside to the sink

Generally speaking its quiet or small talk

Apparently some people tried to put balls in each others sockets and BB told them not to do so.

Dinner time in the BB Canada house!!

Tom and Emmett are going to throw the football around while everyone is inside


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