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Considering the girls are getting such a huge support, I think Paul or Burnell and Janelle will be the next three to go. I'm pretty sure our Top 6 is the 4 girls minus Janelle AND Devin and Lazaro or 5 girls + Lazaro.

Lazaro has a huge fan base and it's sad. But once it's down to just the girls and him.... :lol3:


--- Quote from: Joab on March 15, 2013, 01:07:01 PM ---TL, it was all over VFTW.

And it's just funny, just read the Youtube comments of Curtis performances... just so negative. :lol3:

--- End quote ---

Ah I see the report. I don't know why these people think the truth won't come out when you go on national TV.  :crazy:

I hope Lazaro goes next, he's an OK singer but he's not the best. I see that Curtis said it didn't matter if you go out tenth or fifth and that fits Lazaro as well, ninth or fifth.  :)

And how Curtis treated Charlie during the Las Vegas rounds... America REMEMBERS.

America please get it right this season! I honestly think Lazaro is the only person who has a shot at winning amongst the guys due to his fan base. And I also know that America WON'T let it happen.

A girl is SOOOOO going to win this season. They're not going to use their SAVE on ANY of the guys.


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