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It's finally the live performances!

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It was a very mediocre song choice, very lazy moody feeling, basically a song with no climax or any bridge or chorus that's memorable. But amazing recording vocals from Kree once again.

Grade: B+

Why, tell me why does Curtis always want to be so arrogant about his vocals. I know he can sing, but overdoing it is EWWWW. All his falsetto and vibrato was just awkward and I felt like calling Fantasia to show him how to do the song in perfect tune. Great vocals again, but I felt he tweaked and overdo the song.

Grade: B

Great song to LISTEN on the radio on a lazy afternoon, but BAD song to sing for an IDOL competition. Janelle has such a great image, tone and she can sing. I hear a little Kristy Lee Cook and Carrie Underwood in her voice, but I don't understand why she is always picking the wrong song choice. And yes, there were times in the song where her voice didn't come out because her throat was dry? This seemed to be a really mediocre and "easy" song choice, which I think perhaps she's trying to cover the fact she can't hit big notes? But I believe we have heard her hit some really high notes right? Please do it again Janelle! Here's hoping she stays another week to prove herself, after which I think I will give up on her, lol.

Grade: B-

Can I say Lazaro has a really really nice tone like Janelle? When he was at the start of his song, i thought he was really good. But no one can do the song like Kelly did with her version. I disagree with most of the comments that this was the worst performance, considering that this was so much better than his TOP 40 performance. Other than that, I really like his tone but yes, it's just too karaoke-ish. I think he will do awesome as a recording artise with his OWN songs!

Grade: B-


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