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Live Feeds Updates Monday-Tuesday 3/11/13- 3/12/13

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Tom Topaz and AJ are the 2 weakest people in the game and if either one of them win then we put up andrew and get him out

 Liza uh huh

Tom if yo win HOH Im going to have a date nite with you.

 Liza that's  nice of you..  :colealert:

Liza and then im gonna drop out first and they will show this  convo

Tom I dont want people talking to Aj

 Liza  I dont talk

 Tom a lot of people talk around here

 Liza what id Andrew gets drawn  for POV and wins..

 Tom Ill tell him not to use it

Liza Im getting so dumb in this game.. I thought we were handcuffed for 8 hrs..

 Tom I couldnt add up the weights..

Tom all we are doing is talking and sweating in this house get your shit together in this house.. like we're all getting  rashes..  like climate control open up the doors and get some air in here..

General convo with Talla Topaz and Aj in the kitchen


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