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The fans voted  to give the Houseguests  Beaver tails and Poutine

Have Nots ares Aneal Topaz Alec Jillian 

Gary and Suzette have been Nomination to be on the block

Someone touched one of the House camera's so BB is punishing them with a ringing of a bell through the night and task to be completed

BB Voice: "Tampering with a camera is cause for eviction  you are in for one hell of a night"

So over night the HG's were woken up with ringing bells and assigned tasks through the night

Task #1 Human Pyramid hold for 5 mins

Task #2 everyone is to fit inside the shower stalls, run the water and stay there for 5 mins

Task #3 Tom has to stand with 6 HG's on each side   and  each HG must submerge into the pool simultaneously 

Task # 4 everyone is to brush each other's teeth

Task #5  they are to make a chain of items and only one person can stand at a time 

Tom won POV

The Houseguest received another punishment  do to Jillian a have not sleeping on one of the regular beds  so Big brother instructed her to remove all the sheets from the beds.

Tom used the POV on Gary

AJ is name the replacement Nominee

AJ and Suzette are on the block up for Eviction


(:;) Feeds down again! :ugot  Must be for the POV Ceremony

feeds back and Tomand Liza are in the HOH

Tom whats yor game whats yoru stratagy

 Liza to be  luke a bull and have everyone  tell me information and thinking about it

 Tom and throwing  comps!

 Liza what do you mean
 Tom I think youa re playing the game the best

 Liza thanks for noticing me

 Tom the guy version of you in this game is andrew

 Liza I disagree

 Tom who do you think

 Liza smirks

 Tom Peter

 Liza yeah

Liza I see someone in the non power couples winning HOH it will make good tv

 Tom so you think it will be geared towards

 Liza Emmett and jillian going after Gary BORING!!

Tom if Andrew wins it I can see him putting me up  against emmett peter but I dont think he is bold enough to make that move in the future.. and I would like to see him out of the gmae

 Tom if you won HOH who would you put up.. Andrew and AJ

 Tom ho would yo  BD

 Liza no one I would ahve to put someone up very likable if AJ won  POV and came off

Tom so do you think if you won HOH you can pull this off

 Liza yeah i think I can fix it **

 Tom you giving a hand job?

Liza I know he likes me

 Liza I can tell you today I was approached with 2 completely  final 4/5 deals where you are one of them..

 Tom I cant beleive people are talking final 5 right now it's too early

Tom I think this next  HOH  will be pysickl I dont think you will win

 Liza thanks huney

 Tom I think it's going to be geared towards Emmett

 Tom I  would love for you to win it but..  and If I win POV Im not going to use it .. and that' is if I win it..

 Liza I can fix it

 Tom I want out Andrew and Topaz .. topaz is not a threat but Andrew is..  and if Emmett wins he wnats Aneal out

 Tom I dont want to have to win HOH for a while but I dont want to throw anything.. I want people to make smart moves and  know it
 Tom I dont liket hat Topaz dos nothing in this game and that she is floating in this game and getting by

 Liza she is not even having fun  but she's not even invovled..

 Tom I would rather have Aj that Topaz in or gary in the  Jury

 Tom if there is a way to get to Aj .. he is smart.. but he just doesnt listen.. if wee can get  him to a point to  put up andrew.. and tell him it's not the boys.. that this one person is sinking him and as house we put up andrew and send him out the door..

 Tom we'll most likely ahve to  BD Andrew just like me if you  want me out  you'd have to BD me  cuz I will win Veto.. and you know he has something inside him that he wants to let out yo see the way he took out  Suzette..


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