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Rewards are endless during spring daylight savings. :hearts:

Leg 3 Pit Stop: Christchurch, New Zealand.

Dave & Connor open the clue. Fly to Bali, Indonesia. Then proceed to Monkey Forest where a monkey will give the next clue. They decide to continue.

Jessica & John are team #2 at the pit stop. They hope to extract as much value as they can from the EP.

Bates & Anthony are team #3. Pam & Winnie are team #4. Joey & Meghan are team #5. Caroline & Jennifer are team #6. Mona & Beth are team #7. Max & Katie are team #8.

They didn't even show teams finishing the shemozzle RB. :gaah:

Chuck & Wynona bowing at the Pit Stop was priceless!

Max & Katie call in to get tickets. The earliest flight arrives at 8:30 AM. They reserve those tickets.

Chuck & Wynona are the last team to arrive... but they're still racing! :hearts:

Dave & Connor get on the 8:30 AM flight too. Pam & Winnie get the 8:30 AM flight as well.

Joey & Meghan and Jessica & John can't find any flights. Mona & Beth and Bates & Anthony get some directions to the travel agency. Caroline & Jennifer are trying to get the best connection... Max & Katie arrive to see Caroline & Jennifer. Max & Katie tell them they already got tickets and leave.

Joey & Meghan and Jessica & John get a flight arriving in at 12:05 PM. Mona & Beth arrive at the travel agency... They might not get on the same flight? Bates & Anthony and Chuck & Wynona get on the 12:05 PM flight.

Max & Katie, Caroline & Jennifer, Pam & Winnie and Dave & Connor get on the 8:30 AM flight.

Bates & Anthony, Chuck & Wynona and Mona & Beth get a flight that arrives at 12:05 PM.

Joey & Jessica and Jessica & John get on a different flight that arrives at 12:05 PM. Oh wait... They find a transfer that gets them in at 10:30 AM.

I  :luvya: Caroline & Jnnifer's Amazing Race song.


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