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--- Quote from: apskip on March 14, 2013, 09:31:51 PM ---Declive, you are talking rules of the Amazing Race and Joab is talking the ethics of normal human interactions. I side with Joab on this one.

--- End quote ---

<3 apskip we are finally in the same tune.

Nobody says no robbery in a jewellery store too, you wanna rob it Declive? :lol3:

IMO the best episode this season so far. Ew at Dave & Connor, Pam & Winnie didn't win a leg.

Pam & Winnie and Supertan were STARS this leg and well <3

Flight drama <3

Caroline getting it perpetually wrong </3

I don't think the Country Singers will last the race, unfortunately. :( (NOT A SPOILER)

Wow John is stupid. Just use the EP for goodness' sakes. :res:


unfortunately CBS cut this scene, where teams got their first clue here before they headed to monkey forest. Kecak dance is the most famous dance in Bali, plus the rice field view would be great to the viewers. it's all because of duration :(


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