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First flight lands. Pam & Winnie want a first. They feel like this leg is "the one". Caroline & Jennifer sing in the taxi. Their taxi driver gives them a thumbs up.

Pam & Winnie arrive in the Monkey Forest first. All other teams arrive shortly after. Pam & Winnie for the title. The tourists are scaring away the monkeys... All the teams are waiting for the monkey to smash the coconuts...

Dave & Connor get the first detour clue.

Sandy Bottom: Teams will have to collect sand from the bottom of the river and transfer it 200 yards to the brick maker. They have to fill a bucket to a line.

Fruity Top: Create a religious offering out of fruit. Then it'll be taken to a temple where it has to be approved.

TARAsia Fan:
Joey and Meghan are just so annoying.

All the first four teams got detour clues.

Jessica & John and Joey & Meghan's flight lands.

First four teams arrive at fruity top. They all start creating their fruit cone-things.

Joey had a little funny roleplay as a monkey. :lol3:

Last flight arrives.

Jessica & John do Fruity Top. Joey & Meghan do Fruity Top too.

Mona & Beth and Chuck & Wynona arrive at Monkey Forest... Bates & Anthony's taxi driver says 5 more minutes... but they're lost.


Dave & Connor : First team in TAR history to open the 3 first DETOUR clues in first place.


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