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TAR 22 EP 12 FINALE (DC) "Beacon of Hope"

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Just about my favorite scene in the race was at the pub in Euston. Max was channeling his inner Gus and wanting to stay long enough to finish the beer and Katie said NO!...........LOL

I dont understand why she wanted to get to Heathrow so early....since the brothers were 2 hours behind them. Poor Max

If this is not the proper place, please move it.

Two of my DC friends and I watch the finale every season at their house, and they were out of the country when the finale aired, so we watched this past weekend.

If I was on this show, I knew where every single location was and wouldn't have had to ask anyone anything.  Haines Point and Nationals Park are a mile from each other, that should have been a running thing, not a cab. Mount Vernon is about 20 miles south of DC off GW Parkway, so unless someone's cab was really bad, no way could one get lost.  Washington Flyer is not a cheap cab (one of the teams was in it leaving Dulles) but I don't recall how much money these teams got at the start of this leg. The Tidal Basin is about 2 miles long (it's a big circle). 

I am happy TAR finally started or finished in DC, way overdue.

The leg with the agents with briefcases.  The hockey brothers came across theirs quickly while the other teams struggled.   This allowed them to finish the final task before the other teams even started it.  The producers obviously controlled which agent went first.   This was a skill less task.  It should have at least been randomized...

Took all the drama out of such a close race, I feel very cheated.

:welcome: to RFF Bob!

From what the racers said, it was very random as the "spies" did not walk in a set direction. So really just luck of the draw. Max commented on this in his interviews, check out that thread?

just wondering... is this the first time that 2 teams saved by NEL (Mona & Beth and Max & Katie) made it to the final 3??


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