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TAR 22 Ep 7 "Be Safe and Don't Hit a Cow"

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The show imposes a penalty for violation of an instruction given in or with a clue, such as a show-imposed speed limit. (The legal speed limit would be higher than the one TPTB imposed for the task.)

The payment of a fine for violation of local posted speed limits, such as in the most recent Botswana legs, is not a penalty assessed by the show, but is a fine imposed by the local police. The teams lose whatever time and money is consumed because of it, but the show does not impose its own penalty.

Keep in mind that when the show imposes an instruction for a task, such as a lower than the posted speed limit, or having a provided driver drive the team's vehicle after dark or in certain terrain, that is usually due to insurance requirements to assure the safety of the teams.

 :tu   I understand.  Thanks for clearing it up.  I will share this with my friends who thought I was nuts for even remembering there was a penalty for speeding in the first place.   :beer2:

Chateau d If:
The question of time saved by the Teams who were caught speeding is zeroed out by the fact that they did not save any time by speeding!

The reason they didn't save time is because the 120 kph speed limit changed to 80 kph and then again to 60 kph only one mile and one half mile before the radar unit.  It really is a classic speed trap.  :lol3:

You can go into Google street view at these locations and see the signs!

So no real time was saved by those teams.  They just missed or failed to react fast enough to the speed limit changes.


--- Quote from: theschnauzers on April 07, 2013, 06:50:06 PM ---Actually, you can go back to season 2 in Namibia for the origin of this.

In that season, and in a couple of subsequent seasons the teams were instructed in the clue instructions not to exceed a stated speed limit. The stated limited was a lower speed than what was legally permitted. In these cases, the teams would receive a penalty of 30 minutes plus the amount of time saved from speeding. (The documentation was in the film shot by the camera crew, who were recording the speedometer during the task.)

When teams violated local traffic laws, the teams has to deal with the local police on the matter, and pay whatever fine was assessed. That was the case in this last episode with both teams that had to pay the fine out of their cash they had accumulated by that point in the Race.

That latter rule also applies to violating other traffic laws, as was the case for one team that ran afoul of the Moscow police; I'd have to look for which season, but the show did show the team getting a traffic ticket (IIRC, the team had driven in to an area where traffic had been temporarily blocked.)

Hope that helps.

--- End quote ---


I believe you were thinking not of Moscow but AR10 in Kiev episode 10 where just before their elimination Erwin and Godwin drove through a plaza with a marked by police closed-off section on their way from the National Music Academy of Ukraine to the Great Patriotic War Museum.

Hey guys! I'm working on the maps after a break, would anyone be able to pinpoint the Pit Stop for this leg? The flooding/receeding of the waters in Royal Tree Lodge make it a little confusing!


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