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TAR 22 Ep 7 "Be Safe and Don't Hit a Cow"

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Yeah I think it was Terence & Sarah of TAR13. I didn't get it either.

I just looked up season 13 on Wikipedia.   I knew I remembered something.

"Terence & Sarah initially arrived 3rd, but were issued a 30-minute penalty for speeding and was issued at the start of the next leg. They thus departed 5th in the next leg."

So does this mean that Caroline & Jennifer as well as Max & Katie will be getting a 30 minute penalty at the start of the next leg and if so will they even tell us?  Considering that Max and Katie were next to last on this leg it could even make a difference if Pam and Winnie finished less than a half hour after them.   Is there any way to find out if they did away with the penalty for speeding?   Perhaps since both teams paid their fines and used more than a half hour to do it, that in itself was the penalty.   Any opinions on this?


I would think the later point you said would probably be the case. That the fact they got busted and had to go to the police station and was a delay to the race and and about an $80 fine IIRC is enough of a penalty itself that they would not get penalized again.

Actually, you can go back to season 2 in Namibia for the origin of this.

In that season, and in a couple of subsequent seasons the teams were instructed in the clue instructions not to exceed a stated speed limit. The stated limited was a lower speed than what was legally permitted. In these cases, the teams would receive a penalty of 30 minutes plus the amount of time saved from speeding. (The documentation was in the film shot by the camera crew, who were recording the speedometer during the task.)

When teams violated local traffic laws, the teams has to deal with the local police on the matter, and pay whatever fine was assessed. That was the case in this last episode with both teams that had to pay the fine out of their cash they had accumulated by that point in the Race.

That latter rule also applies to violating other traffic laws, as was the case for one team that ran afoul of the Moscow police; I'd have to look for which season, but the show did show the team getting a traffic ticket (IIRC, the team had driven in to an area where traffic had been temporarily blocked.)

Hope that helps.

Thanks for all that info but I'm confused.

Has the penalty for speeding been completely eliminated? 

In the first part it looks like the penalty of 30 minutes is still in effect for speeding but in the second part you mention that they have to pay the fine if caught.   Does paying the fine mean that they won't be penalized?   Part of this is curiosity and the other part is if Pam and Winnie did check in within 30 minutes of Max and Katie then Max and Katie should have been eliminated.  I don't think they would have telecast Pam and Winnie's elimination if this was the case but I do think the penalty for speeding should have been brought up if it is still in effect for both teams that were caught.


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