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Talla is defending Aneal  because he is on slop

Suzette is laying in her bed in the regular bedroom

AJ sorry but we all have to get down on his level.

 Aj Im going to say the most vile and degrading things to him.. nice doesnt work.. it just hasnt''

 AJ  you want us to hold his hand  we can't do this anymore we can't baby this guy.. Im taking this pot and pan and Im going to bang it in his head

 Alec moves in on Topaz while she is in the have not room trying to go back to sleep

Peter has gone back to bed but he is pissed off!!

Peter is talking to himself saying c'mon Gary get up.. I've had enough it's always Gary Gary Gary Gary every time.. I've had enough of his BS

Feeds blocked

 For your enjoyment I posted YouTube's of the tasks/punishments that the HG's were given  located here: http://forum.realityfanforum.com/index.php/topic,28406.msg851360.html#msg851360

Feeds are back outback APeter Andrew and Alec are talking about how  Emmett is changing  and they think it's because he's hanging around with Tom

 Andrew I have a sense of humor and  Tom just take everything seriously.. and there is gonna come a time where Im gonna say something

AJ joined the guys out back says that at least they didnt wake us up every 15 mins like in BB Allstars

Jillian Tom and Emmett in the kitchen

 Jillian talking about slop[

 Tom as long as you dont drag out and complain about it like Talla I wont yell at you  : groan:


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