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Liza Andrew is telling Tom that Im a big flirt and I was like Tom  don't..

Jillian is eating the frozen slop as a  sherbert..

 Aneal is it really good?

 Jillian yeah it's really good hmm

 Aneal did you put sugar in it?

AJ is it really good?


 Aneal Ughh I was getting excited

 Jillian it is better cold..  and you HAVES are not allowed to have our slop

 AJ Im really scared of Jillian right now

Jillian OMG slop is so much better cold what is wrong with you people

 Aneal I feel sick

 Suzette it's a different texture

 Jillian the warm brings out the stinky smell

Jillian gives Alec a try and he's spitting it up in the sink.. :lol3:

Alec you over hyped that one jill-bot


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