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Live Feed Updates Saturday -Sunday 3/9/13-3/10/13

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Topaz no one knows why Tom isn't comeing after you any more he didnt tell anyone about my convo

 Gary he told   me that he wuld take me off

 Topaz he's going to take you off cuz I told him to trust you..

 Gary and now that liza is  in my ear..

Emmett comes into the have not room

Gary suzette going around and apologizing.. that BBB

 Topaz  you got to give her props  for trying

AJ and Andrew having a cigarette talking about the guys vs the girls.. Andrew I think Aneal will be the odd man out

Andrew dont volunteer

AJ No I wont.. but im sure it will be me

I'm heading out for the night :waves:

Morning feeds.. Slop has finally gotten to Jillian she is  eating nothing but the Poutine and beaver tails. and the fat content is getting to her :lol:

 Jillian was out back talk to Aneal and said  just leave me alone :lol3:

Jillian  is going to try and make a smoothie with the slop she looks like she's about to :barf

Jillian my friends are going  to  say lets get a poutine and im going to be like oh no!

 Jillian Im going to try and make a slop protein mix..

Aneal is shoveling down the slop

Talla and Liza in the  bathroom doing their nails..

Talla  we are now on kitchen patrol

Alec now with Jillian and Aneal saying this time last weak was the hardest for me  but you will get use to it

 Liza  dont do anything that Tom says to do Tom daid to me that he and eEmmett are final 2 .. Tom can play Emmett but dont let Tom play you

 Talla everythig that Tom said to me I already thought about but  i played along like yeah ok..

 Liza I knew you were smart... and  you are the only one in this game that keeps your mouth shut.. I watched you the first week

 Liza let him come talk to you

 Talla  why doesn't he come talk to me ..


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