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Live Feed Updates Saturday -Sunday 3/9/13-3/10/13

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Jillian it's making me cranky but i gained weight last week and now i'll be losing it

Alec, Emett, Jillian, Tom and Liza in the kitchen

I can hear Peter saying have nots must sleep in the have not room

Tom heads upstairs and Andrew comes into the kitchen

Now they mention Greg from Survivor Borneo and his coconut phone. He refused to do any press and considered one of the best contestants on Survivor - Peter.

Now Aj and Peter discussing SUrvivor Borneo and who voted in alpha order.

Aneal slept on the floor lol

Pretty much small talk from the houseguests in the kitchen.

Emett and Jillian cuddling in the bedroom.

Tom Aneal and Liza up in HOH

Liza listening to music and being wing woman /spy for Tom

 Aneal tells Tom that Talla hangs out with Gary

 Tom oh yeah?


Aj In the kitchen with Jillian frying up some food for Emmett

Peter Alec and Topaz are there  as well

(:;) feeds blocked again!!  every time i come on! :ugot


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