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Live Feed Updates Saturday -Sunday 3/9/13-3/10/13

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The fans voted  to give the Houseguests  Beaver tails and Poutine

Have Nots ares Aneal Topaz Alec Jillian 

Gary and Suzette have been Nomination to be on the block

Someone touched one of the House camera's so BB is punishing them with a ringing of a bell through the night and task to be completed

BB Voice: "Tampering with a camera is cause for eviction  you are in for one hell of a night"

So over night the HG's were woken up with ringing bells and assigned tasks through the night

Task #1 Human Pyramid hold for 5 mins

Task #2 everyone is to fit inside the shower stalls, run the water and stay there for 5 mins

Task #3 Tom has to stand with 6 HG's on each side   and  each HG must submerge into the pool simultaneously 

Task # 4 everyone is to brush each other's teeth

Task #5  they are to make a chain of items and only one person can stand at a time 

Tom won POV

Feeds are not back yet :iok

Seems the HG's were woken up early to do a task they are not allowed to walk to do the task

Man this group looks rough in the AM! :lol3:

Gary ahd Topaz are rolling to thier destination

Only 1 person at a time can be upright on thier feet

BB Voice : Houseguests Task complete

Everyone is going back to sleep except Jillian is snacking as usual :lol:

AJ says he want's to Evel Dick Andrew

Andrew I  want to Evel dick you!

 AJ you can't do it standing up you have to get down to Evel dicks level

AJ Im going to go right in Gary's face  he just rolled out of bed I swear he musta been late very day to school


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