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Live Feed Updates Friday 3/8/13

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Suzette and gary are in the bedroom people have  been making fun of suzettes cooking  and  someone went off on Gary because he was eating a large salad

Topaz and Alec in the bathroom..

 Alec we have a competition to win in 1/2 hr

 Topaz I want to talk to you

 Alec for sure

Topaz  there is so much talk..  How t=do you feel about Liza

 Alec she's ok

 Topaz I think there is a mini allaince with Peter and Liza

Topaz  I know you trust Peter

 Alec yeah I trust peter 100% but I dont trust Liza 100%

 Topaz I do trust you 100% but I am nervous certian things

 Alec I dont have a deal with Liza.

 Topaz I think it will go back to peter

 Alec I told you that I would never go back and tell peter anything and that is one thing that will make this game go wrong is that you tell me one thing and then someone  something else

Topaz Liza came back to me and said tht we are going to look like dumb  BB cuz everyone is in a  show mance

 Alec you are not dumb

 Alec are you counting gary as a girl again

 Topaz no :lol3:

 Alec its not girls agaisnt guys

 Topaz no no I know.. but even my convo with Tom he even said " you know what I can't get emmett out cuz Im supposed to be his freind and I will lose cuz I back stabbed him"

 Alec so  he's saying yu back stabbed?
 Topaz no

 Alec ohh he wants you to get emmett out.

 Topaz yeah.

Topaz  Liza came to me and said we have to get Alec out

 Topaz I never will do that but she said that  she needs to get emmett and tom out

 Topaz I feel that she has peter under her wing and she is making deals with Talla Tom  and Peter

 Alec she is going to play herself out

 Alec you should keep doing that cuz the closer you get to her..

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