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Live Feed Updates Friday 3/8/13

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Andrew, Aj, Alec, Gary, Jillian, Peter in kitchen eatig pizza/cooking (they are haves),Talla, Emett

So Topaz, Suzette, Aneal, Lizaare our four are have nots lol

and Danielle's pic has been changed

Jillian saying to Alec you better stay out of fridge have not but he had pizza like 2 mins ago?  :o

Topaz anf Gary in have not room. She tells him that gary that she vconvinced him to send gary home! And that he would be put up and if anyone wins veto aneal would go up.

She tell him to promise tom that he wont come after him .

Gary goes to hoh to tom

Tom to Gary: I don't want you out of house. And you don't want to be on block. He swears he wants suzette out because he heard her say bad things about him.

He didn't want to surprise him.

Aj and Aneal will go up if Suzette wins.

Suette said tom threatned her family

Gary wants ppl with floating votes out

He says put up Aneal (Gary) and Tom wants gary on the block to prevent him using the veto on suzette. Gary doesn't want suzette in the house. She wants ppl to console her but not vice versa. He says he is being with her to be a sympahtizer cuz no one likes her.

Peter says it will be a 10-0 vote.

Gary wants an alliance. Its like Gary is HOH lmao!

Tom wants to make jury

Liza is eating so the have not competition might not have happened?

Topaz basically helped Gary out.

Everyone basically wants Suzette out.

Tom and Emett will use the veto to use on Gary and he will put up ANdrew, Aj or Aneal

GAry said no veil but he will act sad! LMAO!

Peter damaged his ankle it looks like as he is icing it.

Liza telling Peter to drop and alliance and Liza says she trusts emett the least.

 Guys sorry for the poor spelling  :lol3:

Tom and Gary end their convo and Gary heads downstairs

Tom just sitting in his hoh room listening to music

Go to go


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