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Danielle evicted 8-3

Tom wins HOH Comp Q&A called Popular Vote(Majority vote)

Andrew is happy to be part of the cook kids club

 Tom in that 9 we need to figure out  if we want Aneal talla and Aj   and the only thing that will send out Talla out of that  group will be talla's attitude

 Tom I trust AJ more than Aneal

Tom everyone wanted  Aneal out

 Emmett I was worried that Aneal was trying to find out that i  was behind him going up

Andrew boys lets get to the jury house and then we can decide what we have to do

Andrew  life is short you blink and it's over and there is only ever one first..  and that's it.. and look you 2 guys were the first ones ever on the block..

 Tom yeah and  we stayed

 Andrew that's what happens in the game.. 2 strong people on the block and they wind up staying

 Andrew oh.. my bed isn't going to be made.. Danielle is gone

Feeds got cut :duno:

Im done for the night  :waves:

Andrew did say that THEY are not supposed to compare  their show to BB American version..  :lol:

Tom Talla and AJ up in HOH

 Talla is rubbing  tom's feet

 Tom thinks that Suzette needs to go she is toxic and doesnt want her in the jury house.. she is jealous and did the wrong thing by putting me and emmett on the block and then getting rid of  Kat becuase she was jalous

 Tom Im goign to tell Suzette that it's personal and she has  to prove to  the house that she belongs to  be here

 Aj I dont know  of what she said that they will show on TV it was all beep beep beep and going on about orgies

 Tom I have to talk to Topaz.. and what she was saying about Liza that was wrong..  yes Liza rubs my back and cuddles but that's it..

AJ has she done the math of what is going on..

 Talla Suzette was saying everyone was in a showmance.. and it's not everyone

 Tom I dont know what stone she grabbed to make her stay

 Tom my door is going to be locked if you need a break knock on the door and I will let you in.. let you vent and that's it. I dont want gary coming up here and talking  crap


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