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S26 Ep 5 "Persona Non Grata"

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I hope it isn't Brenda. :(

Why would Brenda have a meltdown? :stare

Glamazon Racer:
Can't make it live again this week. :( :'( But I'll be here next week! :hoot:

In a promo I just saw Jeff is with Brandon and has his hands on his shoulders and says "we are having tribal council right now."

My two theories:

The Obvious:
The tribe is pissed at Brandon for trashing the camp, arrive at immunity challenge and announce that they are forfeiting in order to vote out Brandon. They go through with this and Brandon is voted out.

The Far-Fetched but somewhat makes sense:
In order to forfeit immunity it must be a unanimous decision. I do not think Brandon wants to go as he has clearly stated that he will do whatever it takes to win. Phillip puts him up to this shenanigans, has him be all humble and agree to go get voted out. Phillip's alliance blindsides a strong player (Corinne maybe, or Malcolm (please no) or Brenda (please no)).

I honestly can't wait to see what goes down tonight because I could not believe my eyes when I saw previews last week!

Hopefully one of you can help update? :tu


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