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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 3/7/13

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LOL Peter asks Aj to dance live and Suzette asks for a bollywood dance

Aj says women can dance better because they have better parts lol

Aj says Aneal dances.

LOOOOOOOOOOOL Suzette and Garey ask Alec about eating his birthday present.

Suzette is tired.

Andrew is worried about getign gary voted out

 Tom thre is a demographc that follows him

 Andrew tey changed the rules and   turned downt eh lights and played music for him..

 BB Please do not talk about production

 Tom  it will be Aneal and Suzette and then if talla is a have not again let it  happen..

 I feel bad that i snapped at her.. i was grumpy tired and  enjoying my backrub but she was complaining so much i couldnt take it.. she took my apology to heart..  but she goes to OK to BOOM

BB Gave the HOH hard Liquor  looks like jack daniels

Tom doenst  want Liza up ion there HOH he wants to talk to her about it.. but I want to have the room to myself

Tom my door is always closed but if you want to  come and talk to me then  ok.. but i want it to be the cool boy club.. like i dont want people coming up  talking game..  Like I dont want suzette up here

Suzette says feeds are live Aj says no its off. They aren't lol

Thanks everyone for today  :yess:  time to lockdown this thread and move on over to a new day over here: http://forum.realityfanforum.com/index.php/topic,28574.0.html


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