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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 3/7/13

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Tom Danielle said to the guys FU guys and said FU on the way out the door

 Tom she didnt come to me for a vote..

Tom we have to stick to a plan when we go in..

Topaz, Gary and Suzette dibriefing the competition and explaining to Gary how it worked (the competion)

Then Alec says how Canada voted is how the competition went and everyone else in unison said no.  :lol3:

LMAO! Peter says we do live in Canada after all the HG's say they heard Canada

Tom plans are in stone before eviction in case there is a double eviction.. we obviously know who we kinda know who we want on..

Tom they called me 3 times in there already (DR)

Tom is trying to justify his vote.. so the Danielle bashing continues  :badhorse:

Tom this was a big move  :groan:

Down in the kitchen on cams 2/4  Liza peter Gary Suzette Aneal still going on about the HOH comp Q& A

Quatro cheers to whatever :colealert: up in the HOH

Topaz says no gym between thursday and friday so they can prepare competitions

Now lol at them discussing the funny montage during the episode poking fun at the HGS

The picture has to be physcially changed to indicate eviction. So it will likely be tomorrow during the have not competition.


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