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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 3/7/13

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Jillian I made a lot of enemies this week

 Aneal no yo will be fine

 Aneal im glad it happened so early cuz then at least  the weeks to come it will be easier

Aneal you never know until the votes come in

Gary dumped his cereal in the sink and didnt clear the drain catcher and this seems to have urked zjillian

 Out back they all say it was Gary

 Talla wants to see it

 Talla comes back out and reports we had a meeting about stuff like that and  for what

 peter he came out here and wanted attention and didnt get any so he got up and walked away

Gary is talking to Danielle about the votes

 Gary Jillian and Emmett denied that they heard anything about the votes changing

 Danielle why?

 Gary it's Tom if yo go home

Gary this game is not fair.. it's not fun to play

 Danielle  I hope it's not the case

 gary I',m just sad I just want to know

 Suzette I see what's going on..

 gary what you think it's changed?

Gary if that is the case then we are next

 Daille Aneal is always with them

Danielle im getting really nervous

 Suzette did you talk to her

 Danielle yeah she said that  it's still the same but you never know in this game she could be lying to all of us

 gary we will look like idiots

Alec being on a liquid diet i never thought I could do it but now

Jillian to the Dr

 Liza I was on a 21 day cleanse diet..  but after the 7 days I didnt want to give up.. I was on a 500 a day calorie. and I lost 21 punds  in 21 days.

 Alec why did yo do it

 Liza my whole family would be on it and so we would all be able to freak out on each other

 Outback Danielle is folding the  towels

I'll be back later


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