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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 3/7/13

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Jillian HOH

Aneal and Gary nominated to be  on the block

POV players Aneal Gary Jillian Peter AJ Danielle Liza

Gary won POV

Gary used Veto on himself

Danielle named as the replacement  nominee

Danielle and Aneal are on the block  and up for Eviction

Feeds 1/3 up in the HOH with Jillian  Emmett and Gary

 Talla is  cleaning the kitchen

 gary you guys are good in my book

BB Tom to the DR

JIllian who's vote do we have now?

 Gary not Suzette everyone thinks we are close.. i mean we are closer but im not .... to foul to type

Gary you talked  to all these people?

 Jillian I asked  before i put  her up but she  offered

Gary well I hope she doesn't get burned.. she is one of the people i really like in this house

Jillian I know everything is still the same :lies:

 Jillian I haven't heard anything and I didnt talk with Liza even though we did have a sleep over

Gary ok  well enjoy your night

 Jillian  and Emmett think the wake up call is going off in 3 hours.. :lol3: (they have a clock  but it's the wrong time :lol3: )

Gary leaves and jillian tells Emmett that she hates lying and espoecially  to someone's face

 Emmett tries to console her says it's a game and that  they can yell and scream all they want  Danielle is going home now go get your bathing suit  so we can get in th hot tub

 Jillian is this how it is? do you bold face lie to people

 Jillian like when before we left for the show

 Emmett I was sick of lying to  everyone

 Emmett I'll tell you right now that I will not lie to  you :lies:

Jillian  has a 1 piece bathing suit on

 Emmett you have the mommy bathing suit on



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