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Live Feed Updates Wednesday 3/6/13

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gary shaving his foot with the razor blade callous remover  :eww:

Tom Liza and Peter on  the soa by  the  backyard doors talking to Danielle AJj  Jillian and Danielle

Tom wants a picture of his Dog if he gets HOH

Jillian I had like 50 pics

AJ I give them what they asked for

 Liza I have no pictures of  my family together

Jillian I dont have any pics of my stepmom or sister

 Liza dont worry you will get them next time when you win HOH

 Jillian I loved that endurance it was so sweet

Tom Topaz is looking rough

 AJ She got her  beauty sleep but not her HOT sleep he needs about another 4 hours

 Tom I cant wait till tomorrow the girls will look HOT

AJ all the footage they have from topaz  for the last 2 weeks

 Topaz It's my PJ.. what else should I wear

Andrew Emmett and Suzette are still working out.. Suzette is now doing triceps

Emmett is helping Suzette with her technique  on  triceps presses

Suzette ooo i can feel that


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