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Live Feed Updates Wednesday 3/6/13

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Gary Aneal is hanging out with the bro's and his voice is getting edeeper .. like he's lost.

 Suzette at first i was lost in this game but now im back and having fun

 Gary im not changing who I am.. I love who i am

Suzette yeah dont change and people like Tom are shaking in their boots

Suzette is talking about FRACKIN and how Tom  is for it and  she is not..

Gary im sure you are right for whatever you say and Im sure he is on the evil side just becuase of his charachter

 Gary Tom is an evil man

 Suzette liza has changed

 gary she's changed and been with him all  day.. she's been working for him

 Gary Liza  is  down for getting Jillian out so that  will mean that Tom gets Emmett back..

 Suzette and I dont mind AJ

Tom would like to have something unique for his wedding

 AJ wants a destination wedding

BB Gary to the DR

 Suzette they are so proud of you .. you boosted the ratings

 gary leaves to the DR

 Aneal is getting changed

Andrew is there and Talla just grabbed her clothes

Suzette Aneal is working it Danielle you have to work it.. I hope that Peter can change his mind.. you just have to talk to Peter

Danielle  heads out and Suzette is getting changed

Feeds change to Topaz and Alec

 Alec we'll get to see each other alot later on..

 Alec by the end of this we'll spend how many hours together..

Topaz yeah and if we do that trip like we want to

 Alec we'll have all the events after this is over too

Alec and we'll have jury  and have a "mance


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