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Live Feed Updates Wednesday 3/6/13

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AJ you can catch every game of the Bluejays across Canada.. but you can't bet on the Raptors.. So we haven't had basketball to bet on

Tall pics her top 3 team

 AJ there are 16 teams..

 Aj who do you think the contenders are in the Stanley Cup
Talla there are 16 teams that make it to the play off?

 AJ Yes  they were talking bout 20 teams making it to the playoff


Gary I want it to get spicy in here  I want BB to play tricks on us like wear our clothes inside out

 Danielle like the saboteur

Jillian what if they brought someone back in

 Gary the B would be the first one out

Gary I want a sip (tall's slop)

 Topaz no dont do it.. I took a spoonful of Alec's and I was on the toilet for an hour :poop:

Jillian heading to the HOH to listen to her Ipod

Suzette I had Micheal Buble for bed time.. i love him

Liza went to one of his concerts.. and tells a story about how a fan asked him to take of his wedding band and he shouldnt NO B!

Emmett and Andrew are still working out

 Emmett keeps feeling his own muscles after every rep he does


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