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Live Feed Updates Wednesday 3/6/13

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Jillian HOH

Aneal and Gary nominated to be  on the block

POV players Aneal Gary Jillian Peter AJ Danielle Liza

Gary won POV

Gary used Veto on himself

Danielle named as the replacement  nominee

Danielle and Aneal are on the block  and up for Eviction

feeds 1/3 gary is looking  in the fridge for something to eat

 feeds 2/4 Suzette is doing crunches and Topaz is watching

 Andrew  Alec and Emmett are working out

Tom is sitting on one of the loungers out back along with Jillian who appears to be sleeping

Inside onf feeds 1/3 Tom is now making a slop protein drink while Talla is  telling  people her dream

 Danielle Liza and Aj are also in the kitchen. general chatter going on

Camera man gives us a close up of men veins and  nipples  out back

Whle Tom pours 2 slop drinks one for him and Talla

 Talla Im waxing your back later  to Gary

Jillian is showing Gary how to shave his foot callouses off

Gary I like to let it build up


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