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Hell's Kitchen 11

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HK11, Ep. 4

This episode started with a brief private warning from Ramsay to Jeremy to shape up or he would be shipped out.

Next was a 3K/8K run with the End Play Foundation, with the runners choosing their distance.  3 Olympic athletes, Maurice Green, Natalie Coughlin and Daniel Leyva, were runners. Mary was selected to run for the Red team and Dan for the
Blue team.  She was super-slow and he was quick, which got him back to the kitchen to assist his teammates in the cooking that had been underway since the start of the race in the important part of the challenge. The menu was:
Berry Smoothies
Grilled Flank Steak or Pan-Seared Salmon or Grilled Edamame Burgers
Sweet Potato Fries

Zach cooked a whole tray of salmon ahead, tried to hide it, was caught by Ramsay, had to refire salmon to order and was caught again by Ramsay trying to reheat the original salmon. She followed up by sending raw salmon to the pass.  The Red team caught up and won due to the Blue team salmon fiasco preventing their last table from being served. Ramsay then rubbed it in by ordering the Red team to take over the Blue team kitchen to finish the challenge. Red stated that the Red team had won due to their edge on teamwork.

The reward for the women was a private jet flight to the California wine country in Temecula and Monte de Oro Winery for its sample wines and to stomp its grapes.  The men got to clean up the runner’s route, especially scrubbing arrows off the concrete.

Michael stepped up in the prep to provide leadership. Dan bitterly resented this and refused to communicate and cooperate. Dan was botching several orders of sliced rack of lamb and forcing Michael to redo its garnish many times. Ramsay had to intervene to get Dan and Michael to communicate to overcome Dan’s problems with raw lamb and timing vs. the garnish.

There was a tableside Greek salad served by Cyndi for the Red team and Jeremy for the Blue team. Ray had the Appetizer station and his first risotto was burned and returned by a VIP NBA star. Ray’s second risotto was fine. Susan sent excellent scallops out. Jessica’s risotto was a portion for 3 to 5 servings when Ramsay had asked for only one. Danielle and Jacqueline burned multiple Beef Wellingtons.

The men won, the women lost and they had to nominate 2. The nominated Danielle and Jessica, but Ramsay added Jacqueline to the potential chopping block.  Jessica’s shortcoming cited by her teammates (a vague “not enough leadership”) was not recognized by Ramsay. He sent her back into the line. Jacqueline also escaped elimination but Danielle got it. Ramsay called it his “3 times and you’re out” rule, which I cannot remember hearing in 10 prior seasons of Hell’s Kitchen. Ramsay’s summary was that Danielle acted like a deer caught in the headlights, but ended up as dead meat.

Ramsay’s final admonition to the remaining chefs was “I am going to turn up the heat to separate the chefs from the cooks.” I expect him to do just that. It isn’t named Hell’s Kitchen for no reason.   

HK11, Ep. 5

This episode started with a Palate Challenge. Ramsay had prepared 5 dishes containing a primary protein, but masked with sauces and breading, etc. Each team had 4 pairs competing sequentially to identify from a table of 50 proteins which was in each dish. The men needed 10 minutes 33 seconds to finish. The women did it in 6 minutes 37 seconds.

The reward was to get driven in 3 convertibles to the Malibu mansion owned by champion surfer Lance Hamilton and his wife pro volleyball star Gabrielle Reese. Hamilton gave the women how-to-get-up-on-a-surfboard lessons.

The punishment for the men was to unload sacks of wheat, mill it in a mortar/ pestle operation, grind it into flour, mix it into a dough mix, let the dough rise overnight and then bake it into loaves. During this prep, Jeremy needed medic and hospital attention although he returned with a non-credible excuse.  Both teams were awakened at 637am for their next task, serving breakfast to emergency room doctors and nurses and EMTs. Ramsay stated this breakfast would substitute for a dinner service and that there would be an elimination based on performance. First team to finish won.

The sample menu was:
Croissant Breakfast Sandwich
Eggs Benedict
Blueberry and Banana Pancakes
Traditional Omelet
Smoked Sausage and Scrambled Eggs

This looks like an easy menu to me. Care must be taken in how things are cooked, but these are not exotic dishes. Ray had trouble keeping all his egg dish in the pan and Cyndi had trouble getting hers out of the dish. Jeremy started off badly by trying to take a sample scrambled eggs dish and sending it to the pass. Ramsay caught that and berated him for attempting to serve customers food cooked about one hour earlier. J’Anel was praised for her scrambled eggs. Nedra was trying to use a small spatula insufficient to carefully get the eggs out. Amanda bailed Nedra out by showing her that using a larger spatula makes the job easy. Ray overused pepper in his eggs, but his second try was delicious according to Ramsay. Jacqueline could not properly flip a pancake, so the women were close to finishing but unable to fill several final orders for pancakes. Nedra did help her out.

The blue team gutted it out and finished before the entire Red team could finish their one last pancake order. The women were required to nominate the two whose “absence would make their team stronger.”  Note that this was not a directive to choose the weakest performers from only that breakfast service. The women followed that advice and nominated Jacqueline and Mary. Jacqueline had been a consistently weak performer and Mary had performed well on this task but not well previously. Some wanted to nominate Nedra, who had performed poorly in this breakfast service but had generally been a strong performer earlier.

Ramsay sent Jacqueline and Mary back in line and stated that “there is one person who is in way over their head.” The implication is that it will be Nedra, but I doubt that. I think it is now Jeremy’s time to depart even though his team won.

Thanks for the recaps apskip!  :hrt:  No one really stands out this year. At least not yet.

Should I predict what we will see happen next week? I'll put it in a spoiler. :)

Show contentThe two men and two women will just exchange jackets, to change teams, no one sent home.

A very hard-to-follow schedule has been announced for HK11 telecasts in May. After the regular time slot of 8pm Tuesday nights for April 16, April 23, April 30 and May 7, HK11 will shift to Monday May 13 for a 2 hour telecast and then shift to Thursdays for May 22 and beyond. Go figure.

HK11, Ep. 6
The start of this episode was Ramsay identifying the “one person in way over their head.” It was (no surprise to me) Jeremy, eliminated on the spot for making a careless error by submitting a sample dish prepared one hour earlier as if it were his own production. Ramsay told the men that their reward for winning was that he got rid of the dead weight of Jeremy for them, which was indeed a gift. Jeremy left stating that he was still a great chef, but I saw no indication of that whatsoever in HK11.

Amanda had nominated Nedra, so Nedra was full of vindictiveness toward her. Mary thought it was possible she was pregnant, but a home test kit showed otherwise. Michael and Dan were at each other’s figurative throats.

Ramsay wanted to highlight the importance of wait staff, so he appointed Jessica and Barret to serve as waiters. Their initial efforts to write a ticket legibly were met with scorn and derision. Ray had rubbery scallops, then good scallops. Amanda and Susan got refusal to accept their scallops or risotto at the pass and had to do them over. Ray and Dan fought over cooking what should have been halibut but was another fish. Ray basically was blocking Dan from “helping” him. Susan got her risotto right. Ramsay had noted that Jessica had been waiting for 30 minutes for any production from the Red kitchen.  There was a similar wait time of 17 minutes from the Blue kitchen. Ray had dry, overcooked halibut. Nedra and Mary had pork, but it came out undercooked and raw multiple times. Ray had halibut raw for the third time. Ramsay had had enough and booted the entire Blue kitchen. One more raw pork from Nedra and Mary caused him to also shut the Red kitchen, so neither team won and both lost.

In the recapitulation, Ramsay asked both teams to nominate the 2 individuals they wanted to get rid of. This was Mary and Nedra from Red and Ray and Dan from Blue. He asked each of them to justify their continuation in Hell’s Kitchen. He then called all four of them forward to give up their jackets.

With another show there would probably be closure here, but not in Hell’s Kitchen. The ToBeContinued message was prominently displayed. How many ToBeContinued endings are we going to see? Wasn’t one more than enough?


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