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Hell's Kitchen 11

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This is another elimination show that I look forward to each season and I agree, this year was a major disappointment. Gordon was disappointed in his offerings as well and you could tell he genuinely tried to find SOMETHING in SOMEONE....lol.

I love Gordon Ramsey. He is without question the best chef in the world and a great guy in real life.

The men had virtually no one in contention at any point this season.

Nedra was psycho.

I thought Ja Nel had potential as did Mary but, Ramsey couldn't stand Mary. She didn't have the personality needed for one of his kitchens.

I read TLs' post in another thread that Ja Nel has turned down the job!!! Go figure.

As for me....I thought he may have gone for the student and he may have very well placed her in some capacity for later use when she gains some experience. She was talented, passionate and at the perfect place in her career for him to train her the right way. She'll have the awesome career out of this bunch. We'll see her in other shows.


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