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On March 12, one week from tonight, Hell's Kitchen 11 telecasts start.

Here's what's at stake and who is competing:

The chefs competing for a $250,000 salary for the head chef position at the Caesar’s Palace Gastropub in Las Vegas are:

Amanda Giblin – executive chef, Orange County NY

Anthony Rodriguez – line chef, New Orleans LA

Barret Beyer – head chef, Long Island NY

Christian Rosati - line cook/sandwich maker, Boston MA

Cyndi Stanimirov - , head chef, Queens NY

Dan Ryan – head cook, Westchester NY

Danielle Bloom – executive chef, Atlanta GA

Gina Aloise – line cook, Bronx NY

Jacqueline Baldassari – roundsman, Florence NJ

Janel Witt – executive chef, Houston TX

Jeremy Madden – lead cook, Los Angeles CA

Jessica Lewis – chef tourant, New York NY

Jon Scallion – chef de cuisine, York PA

Mary Poehnelt – butcher/cook, Butchertown MA

Michael Landnes, executive chef, Planes PA

Nedra Harris – Kitchen Manager, Detroit MI

Ray Alongi – executive chef, Boston MA

Sebastian Royo - sous chef, Brooklyn NY

Susan Heaton - culinary student, Whittier CA

Zach Womack – head line cook, Philadelphia PA

I cannot wait!!  :wohoo:

The wait is over. Hell's Kitchen 11 is here. My episode 1 recap:

HK11, Ep. 1

20 contestants arrived at Los Angeles International Airport, presumably to go to Hell's Kitchen. However, they were transferred to Southwest Airlines to fly to Las Vegas. After a brief tour, the contestants went to Caesar's Palace, where they were to cook their signature dishes immediately in front of an audience of 2000.

Each contestant had 45 minutes to cook their signature dish, with Chef Ramsay determining which dishes were the best according to taste and appearance. The team with the most accepted dishes would win. The women won the challenge, with 5 dishes (from Nedra, Ja'Nel, Amanda, Jessica, and Jacqueline) chosen by Chef Ramsay to the men's 4 (from Ray, Jon, Michael, and Christian).

The women were treated to VIP status at Caesar's Palace, including a meet and greet with Celine Dion, followed by her show and a night on the town in Las Vegas. The men were forced to return to Los Angeles immediately on a school bus with no working air conditioner for an 8 hour trip through desert heat.

Gina was not feeling well at the start of the service and was examined by a medic as the episode ended as To Be Continued. Did she party too hearty in Las Vegas and need some compensating rest? I think that was the case.

HK11, Ep. 2

Gina relaxed before rejoining the service late, stating that “I just don’t want to be in that kitchen right now. Before the start of the service in Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Ramsay announced that he would guarantee that the service will be completed, leading the teams to try their best to complete it. As he was telling them this, Jean-Phillipe Suslovic returned to Hell's Kitchen by the front door, causing one red team member to humorously question where he had been for the previous three years.

It ended up being a typical first service filled with errors. Ramsay allowed some entrees to be sent to diners without the accompanying garnishes so that diners got some food. 8 men (Anthony for bad risotto, Barret for overcooked Wellingtons, Christian for an unknown reason, Dan for problems with risotto, Jeremy for burned spinach and inability to memorize the ticket, Jon for risotto, Michael for raw lamb and poor balance between too much bone for the meat and Ray for sticking his finger into a risotto) were thrown out of the service compared to 4 women (Gina for poorly cooked scallops, Susan for a bad garnish, Danielle for lack of ability to memorize tickets and slow performance and Jacqueline for taking time to drink water instead of completing her task) with numerous errors. Sebastian was thrown out for his flippant attitude (including calling Zach "Zachy Wacky"), but later attempted to return 3 times. Zach almost voluntarily departed, having vomited after leaving the kitchen briefly for relief, but rebounded successfully as the only blue team member remaining in action.

Chef Ramsay's guarantee was fulfilled, as both teams completed service. With six women remaining on the red team the red team won the service. Zach was singled out as "Best of Worst" for staying in the competition despite feeling ill.

The losing blue team had to decide who would leave Hell's Kitchen. Zach was given the honor of announcing that Jeremy for arrogance as well as bad cooking and Sebastian were nominated, both for behavior not consistent with working for the success of the blue team. Chef Ramsay decided that Sebastian, for his comical attitude during the service, must leave Hell's Kitchen.

Chef Ramsay's rationale for choosing Sebastian for elimination was that “it’s a kitchen, not a place for comedians” and "Sebastian tried to be funny, but it was his cooking that was the joke."

HK11, Ep. 3

Army soldiers came into the bedrooms of the Hell’s Kitchen dorm around 6am to awaken the chefs. They then demonstrated how to used teamwork to climb a wall. Each team then had the assistance of a roughly one foot platform to make the climb over the top of a wall one foot less difficult. Each chef had to take turns with his/her colleagues to go to a lobster trap and pull a lobster out a final score of Blue 37 Red 31 but this challenge was not over yet. Each pair had to pull or crack all the meat off of lobsters for 5 minutes. The women had 6 fewer lobsters to allow some mistakes with. At the end the score was Red 11 Blue 8 and the women had won again. Their reward was a sail on a 85 foot luxury yacht with gourmet sushi as lunch and a massage.

The men had a tough time with Fish Delivery Day, unloading and carrying halibut and branzino and then gutting, gleaning, tailing and portioning it. They were then forced to eat fish head soup, which was made less appealing with a disgusting color even though fish head soup is a delicacy in many Asian countries.

Prepping for the evening dinner service showed Susan cutting lamb racks to the proper shape but unable to minimize waste. Tableside service was assigned to Nedra and Anthony. Mary and Danielle manned the Red team Appetizer station and Christian and Zach did the Blue team Appetizer station.

Dinner service opened with Mary and Danielle unable to handle their assignment. They each botched risotto due to too much wine and not burning off the alcohol before sending it to the pass. Jeremy tried not very hard to catch a lobster from a display tank where customers could specify which one they wanted cooked for them. Christian served rubber scallops and he and Jeremy were sent to a table to eat them before they could return to the kitchen. Mary finally got risotto right. Jon undercooked a lamb rack.

At the end of 90 minutes no entrees had left the Blue kitchen so Ramsay in Donald Trump style shut it down. The Red team had the opportunity to keep going, but Susan and Ja’Nel on Meat suffered when Susan sent raw lamb to the pass. Ramsay shut down the Red kitchen.

The recapitulation of the evening’s cooking was brutal. Ramsay tried to blame it on lack of teamwork but to me it looked much more like weak individual cooking skills. No team won and each had to nominate 2 to be considered for elimination. The Blue team had no trouble identifying Christian and Jeremy as their nominees, for poor performance and lack of hustle. The Red team struggled to determine which 2 of 3 weak performers should be nominated. They ended up with Mary (who did recover from a bad start on risotto), Danielle (who will not last long in Hell’s Kitchen because she just doesn’t “get it”).

Ramsay sent Jeremy and Mary back to their teams. He eliminated Christian due to his lack of hustle and fire.


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