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Jillian and Emett laying in hammoch with small talk

Jillian and Emett now discussing what they want to do in June when they get of the house. She wants to meet his friends.

Tom and Topaz working out

Now Jillian and Emtt now discussing her parents and how her dad remarried.

Feed 2 continues to be off the hook.

Suzette, Danielle and Gary in bedroom. Danielle says she has self respect

Gary calls the guys are pigs

Now they are shocked at Peter saying something rude (not sure what the comment is)

They now say Alec, Emett, Tom are using Peter to further themselves.

Now Danielle says Emett doesn;t talk to her anymore  :res:

They say Tom wants Talla lol

Now they say one of them has to WIN HOH, hinting at Aneal's departure.

They want to backdoor Tom and put up Emett and Jillian.

He wants one of the three gone (Emett, Jilian and Tom).

Danielle says Tom has been starving for his whole lie and will be back to that alone (I found that as a rude comment).

Danielle says each week they get stronger ans stronger (its only been 2 weeks Lol!)

They are scared if they put Tom on the block because they think he will win veto.

Danielle saying ppl wanted Gary out because of the glitter and he is shocked to learn that

Danielle hates Liza! (Who doesn't she hate -.-)

Now Danielle says she F*ucking hates Tom

Danielle is jealous because she lets Talla get to the jury house. She says they don't want her in the jury because they can't have sex with her. She says Talla can start fights because she is guarnteed jury.

Gary says they cant trust Talla and that she is bouncing around.

I think Suzette left and Gary says Danielle and himself should merge with Emett and Jillian.

They say Peter is strong smart and social and biggest threat in house  :winner

Gary says Tom is plucking of the pawns. Topac and Alec Tom and Talla and Jillian and Emett are going to make jury hosue according to Gary.

Danielle says she wont give up in endurance comp

Gary goes into the washroom and says his mic is broken

Aj and Topaz eating pizza now

LMAO! Alec is trying to wear a sock on his head and Topaz says you look dumb!

and then Peter calls him a Hasific Jew

Now they say they should take advantage of the free food lol (Tom, Alec and Suzette)

Alec brought headbands with messages from his family and then it was confiscated by BB


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