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Live Feed Updates Monday-Tuesday 3/4/13-3/5/13

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More over nite discussion and game play resulted In Peter  and Alec comparing notes and went to Aneal and said that he thinks there  is a girls alliance and now Aneal might have Peter ans Alec's vote. Peter said that Emmett would cut ties with  Jillian..  Peter thinks that he could get AJ  and Andrew to go along with this and keep Aneal and work with him for another week. SO they are going to try and get Danielle out  as of   2am. EST

Live feeds back

Feeds 1/3 Suzette Alec Aj and Danielle  Suzette  says that in production that she is the first native   aborigines that they have met

Aj i've met millions of people and I can think of 2 others that are native aborigines

 Suzette in some schools they dont teach about the native aborigines 

Outside a mini pow wow Jillian Emmett peter Tom Liza  they are trying to come up with games. they want to play water balloon games with the condoms

Emmett is openly showing affection to Jillian in front of others by rubbing her back

Contemplation of whether there really is a reward coming.

 Liza they have to give it to you.. you  revealed it after they told you in the Dr so they have to  give it to us

 Jillian maybe it will be later on tonight.. we have 3 days left

Danielle alec Aj and Suzette is still  talking about the natives and how people  dont get the jobs..  and that there are alot of natives in Toronto


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