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Suzette we are forcibly made to have no language.. how can they do that to us..  I think native people where we have come to the point where we roll with the punches and just survive  but I am not going to forget about who i am.

AJ I want to learn more

 Suzette everyone has a rich culture 

AJ India is a  great culture  we were ruled by the British but  we didnt have genocide

 Suzette yeah we had that..

Outback Peter tom and Liza talkign about why Topaz is sleeping so much

Peter she is like the JODI of BB14

 Liza whats the point? dont you want to get up and get to know people. I came here to get to know people and have  fun not to nap.

Tom I can see how it's affecting Talla cuz she is on slop  we  are up but  once  we're off slop we should be all back to normal


Peter I dont know how we didnt win..

 Tom we have to get that red team on slop..

 peter yeah and if they break the slop after one day.. uhhhgg

 Liza I dont get it . sleeping all this time.

 Tom I was sleeping alot when I worked off hours or in the bar

 Liza leaves Tom and peter to talk

Tom it just makes it so much easier for me to dispose people

Peter Danielle asked me for a vote today

 Tom she just assumes that I am voting for her she have never asked me  or talked to me.. little does she know she is going home **

 Peter the beuaty of it is this week we need 4 plus 2 then next week we need 4 plus 1 so we will always have  the majority

 tom if this works  it will be huge..

 peter we can do this.. next week it will be 6

Tom is going to refer to Danielle as "woody" so no one knows who they are talking about

peter I say we use Aneal as a pawn next week and say that we saved him

 Tom yeah..  and then we put up Suzette and Aneal and then  we can put up Gary if Suzette wins POV

Tom it's amazing how we have 4 votes already

 peter yeah that's how you control the game


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