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Live Feed Updates Monday-Tuesday 3/4/13-3/5/13

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Jillian HOH

Aneal and Gary nominated to be  on the block

POV players Aneal Gary Jillian Peter AJ Danielle Liza

Gary won POV

Gary used Veto on himself

Danielle named as the replacement  nominee

Danielle and Aneal are on the block  and up for Eviction

 :hello2: Drive by post Feeds are  blocked at this moment! maybe it's their wake up call!

Seems like I missed  some good stuff last night so I will post what happened here  but please understand this is what I have read via Twitter (thanks hamsterwatch!)

The HG's are on a 48 hr punishment  which is NO HOT WATER. This is because Topaz did not put her mic on and also they are no longer allowed to play card games.

Here's the transcribe of the BB House meeting and Punishment

BB: Many of you have been reluctant to follow the instructions by Big brother as described. This afternoon Topaz was asked repeatedly to put on her microphone and neglected to do so as a result all HOT WATER to the house has been cut off for a period of 48 hours. Future repercussions will be more severe. Furthermore games are not permitted in the BB House . Topaz please gather the playing cards and Chess board  and take them to the SR. Have a good night

Talla Topaz!!!

Topaz no I was wearing my thing! it was on but it was just off

Andrew that eff'n sucks

 topaz thats BS  it was on just eff'n off.. whatever BB im gonna pull a Gary :dick: U!

More from BB: Topaz  for the sake of the house I suggest you hurry

 Topaz  they did that on purpose  they chose any little thing that someone did.

 Andrew everyone made errors

Topaz puuts the items in the SR

 Topaz they are just picking any little tbing.. I didnt purposely didnt   avoid them.. Im too nice and they ust wnat to get under my skin..

AJ anyone would have been upset..

Topaz they are just playing games and because I said that I don't like cold showers..  and I complained the most cuz I didnt want to go in the the bucket

 AJ we're all just spray some cologne and  perfume

 Topaz Im over it

Feeds flip to Tom and Liza on the hammock and Tom says it's true people keep eff'n around and not taking things seriously.. it's such a shady thing to do just like dropping on people like that.

So that's the over night transcribe and punishment


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