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Liza Aj is not a vote for me he will go with the guys..

 Gary peter and peter is fiddling with the cool guys and I think he will  eff them over   at the end

Liza we need to get Peter on our side

Danielle I can try to get him.

 Gary I think it's good that he's where he is for now

 Danielle isnt it weird that Emmett hasnt said more than  a few words to me

 gary cuz he's got his wife from day one with him

Liza Alec and Emmett said they would cut their BBB in a minute

 Danielle :noway:

Alec can't breath without Topaz

Liza I know you dont want to hear this but if  we cut Alec we can get Topaz

 gary yeah I can do that.. but lets just wait

 Danielle im glad that we are on the same page

Liza I know Tom is uncomfortable with Emmett and jillian's relationship and I think that Tom haas big plans in this game

Gary it would be perfect if Tom can do our dirty work and put Emmett and Jillian up

 Danielle yeah lets let them get real close

Liza dont forget that you both have a reason now to put both of them up..

Quick flip to feeds 2/4  in the kitchen Jillian is snacking again

Suzette is at the table with Topaz peter and Aneal


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